Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ethan, Chase & Keane -Triplets? (above)
Chase & Ethan, Best Buds Already (below)

Chase & Keane

The Boys FINALLY had a play date! Chase came over and enjoyed a very fun evening; romping around from place to place, loving every new toy found along the way, and as an added bonus they all had fun in the bath. The boys seemed to love their new buddy, Chase. Especially Ethan. Ethan seems to be my big social bug and LOVES kids. Keane too, but he is Mr. Independent and happy doing things his own way. Laura and I had a great time watching them interact and move from room to room discovering new things and each other.

Xander and I are still a little overly cautious about germs and since Chase was putting everything in his mouth along the way, we followed him around with anti-bacterial wipes. We've lost it, right? We still had fun, but we will be happy when we can finally get to a place where we feel comfortable having real interaction with other kids and not always having to worry about our boys getting some germ or other. I kind of feel like Helen Hunt in, "Something's Gotta Give." Her child is always sick and in the ER for something. She is always freaking out over her kid doing thing and being way too protective. Yikes, I guess in a way that is how X and I feel sometimes. Or, at least how I feel. As hard as it is, I know there will be a time when all will seem at least somewhat normal. Maybe when they get to college? Let's hope sooner.