Thursday, October 20, 2011

May the Force be with You!

A Star Wars Party was definitely in order. The boys had their little friends over for a "Jedi's in Training" Party; it was a blast. First we played, "Don't Eat Luke!", then we had a Galactic Bean Bag toss, stick the explosions on the death star, a Star Wars treasure hunt and finally to prove you were really a Jedi, they had to rescue Princess Leia from the Darth Vader pinata. After Jedi Training, we ate Storm Tooper Pizza, had Yoda sodas (sprite/lime sherbet), and Star Wars cake pops. Then it was present time, oh boy! The boys' favorite part of their party without fail. It was kind of my first chaotic moment of the day, but we all managed to come out of it unscathed. 

Keane and Ethan play EVERYDAY with their Star Wars action figures.

This is what their room looks like, EVERYDAY!

In new Birthday Jammies and cool new floor puzzle.

I cannot believe they are 5!! We feel so blessed to have come so far. I'm thankful everyday for these sweet and outgoing little guys. Each day is a gift and I am so grateful. I'm so in awe of how fast they learn new things and grow. My little miracles for sure!

My attempt at Star Wars Oreo Cookie Cake Pops and chocolate suckers, mmmm...

Ethan is an excited Birthday Boy

Keane can't wait to start playing!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My 33rd Birthday was pretty great. My family took me to one of my new favorite places, The Malibu Cafe. It's in an outdoor setting with chandeliers everywhere; it makes outdoor seem elegant and pretty, and you don't have to lift a finger to cook. My kind of place. There are fire places to roast s'mores; a ping pong and billiard table to play if you choose. There is a pond with geese and ducks that you can take a walk around. It's what I would want my backyard to be.

I also had a lovely night out with "the girls" for my Birthday dinner at Cafe' Bizou. One of my favorite French Restaurants in LA. It is quaint and cozy and the food is delicious. Thanks ladies for a much needed night away from the chaos. Sad I didn't get pictures!!

Then I had a game night with friends in our Studio City ward. We had a fun time. It's been great getting to know so many new and wonderful friends here. My Birthday cookies were yummy K! Thanks for thinking of me on my Birthday!

Now I guess I'd better just embrace my new digits.