Monday, November 7, 2011

My top 10 Favorite Fall Things... 

1. The weather. So Cal knows how to do Fall weather. The crisp air and falling leaves, cozy. It's beautiful and sunny and perfect.

2. TV's new Fall line-ups. It's new & exciting and it means the return of Parks & Rec, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Amazing Race, The Office, SNL, the Vampire Diaries, etc. Welcome back old friends. *Bonus- the premiere of cool new shows! (30 Rock, wish I didn't have to wait until winter for you.)

3. Fall Football returns. (Even if the Cougs stink this year. Sad, but true.)

4. Yummy Fall foods and drinks: (caffeine-free) Chai Tea, white chicken chili, pumpkin bread, and the list could go on and on.

5. Getting to bust out my old and buy new sweaters, jeans and snuggly socks. Amen!

6. School supply shopping: the smell of brand new crayons. My Mom got me hooked. She buys me a box nearly every year for the heck of it and the smell. :)

7. Halloween: I start decorating on the 1st of October; free candy, pumpkin patches and costumes. Need I say more?

8. Perfect time to re-vamp a work-out routine. It's right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. What better time to start than before the holiday gorge fest begins.

9. Which leads me to my next favorite thing, holiday gorge fests! Bring on the turkey and pie.

10. Time to be with Family. It's what matters most.