Thursday, March 8, 2012

When did Keane become such a little adult?

It's no secret that Keane seems to possess some really amazing gift of language. The other night I was at the table with the boys eating dinner. I had been suffering from the WORST hay-fever of all time and for the past 3 days have had the itchiest eyes of my life. I literally had been scratching at my eyes out non-stop. Even Xander was desperate to help me and tweeted a cry for help. Yes, I looked just like someone hooked on crack, just not all emaciated. I'm a robust addict. As if we had this kind of casual dinner conversation often. Keane starts to say all excitedly...

Keane- Mom, your eyes look so much better than they did this morning!

Me- Thanks Keane! Yes, I do feel SO much better.

Keane- You're welcome Mommy. I'm just glad your feeling better.

That normally doesn't sound like my 5 year old. Usually, our conversation centers on poo, pee and Star Wars, and usually in that order or reversed.

I Guess I'm filling my "adult conversation" void with my 5 year old. Kind of scary that I'm admitting that.