Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have to brag, Ethan was Star Student of the Month in his Kindergarten class!!!

Ethan has come a very long way to reach this point. I admit, I am a very proud Mommy right now. He has overcome the odds stacked against him. He survived chemo, survived massive seizures, survived a Bone Marrow Transplant, survived eating from an NG tube, Strabismus, speech delays, fine motor delays and it's all due to HLH. But, he's overcome it all.

Every day he shines, I thank God for such a precious little boy. He is my actor and artist. He's my comedian. He is empathetic and LOVES babies. Babies might just trump candy for him. Seriously! He loves to have fun. He always beats Keane in the homework race. Yes, he gets his competitive spirit from his Mama. He loves cars and Star Wars. Books are his new passion. If I can't find him, I just have to look in his room and he's right there on the floor surrounded by mounds of books. He also loves movies (Xander is proud).

Ethan is a miracle!  He will have an amazing story to tell his own family some day. I love you Mr. E!


SJGarske said...

He is an amazing little man with an amazing family...Love you all!!!

The Wright Stuff said...

I love this post! He is such a cutie!!! He is so lucky to have you as his mama! And you definitely deserve to be proud!

I just checked my VERY neglected blog and saw the comment you left me last month!!! I am soo happy to hear that you're so close! I would LOVE to see you! I'll send you a message on FB!

BP Merewether said...

An inspirational story of vulnerability and overcoming adversity
thanks for having the courage to share

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